YKK Corporation releases new stop motion film “Zipper & Bears"

February 28, 2017 YKK USA

On February 28, 2017, YKK released its new stop motion film "Zipper & Bears" on YKK’s official YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/YKKfastening), as well as in commercial ads on YouTube in various countries/regions. The film follows the release of YKK's original short animation “FASTENING DAYS” in 2014 and its sequel “FASTENING DAYS 2” in 2016, which drew a total of over 13 million views around the world as part of its efforts to widely promote the YKK corporate brand and zippers.

Zipper&Bears "Zipper&Bears" was produced to promote the Fastening Products Group's tagline of "Little Parts. Big Difference." to the world, under the theme that YKK develops helpful, gentle zippers. The stop motion studio “dwarf” was tapped for this film, which employs stop motion without words to communicate the functionality of YKK® zippers.

“Zipper&Bears” is the story of tiny bears working hard to close the zipper on a girl’s cardigan when they realize the amazing function of the zipper. While zippers are taken for granted in everyday life, the story showcases YKK’s efforts to evolve zippers to be more functional and to make life more convenient and full for people around the world. We invite you to enjoy this elaborately crafted movie that links a total of 1537 shots taken over the course of 11 days.    

Overview of stop motion film “Zipper&Bears”

Title: Zipper&Bears
Movie website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZNebENfJys
Production: puzzle
Animation studio: dwarf
Creative director: Junichi Tanaka (POPS)
Release date: Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Released for: Global release
Length: 2 min 27 sec.


It's a cold, quiet, snowy day, and a girl is sleeping on the sofa. If you look carefully, the zipper on her bear-patterned cardigan was left open. The bears on her cardigan mysteriously pop out and begin working hard to close her zipper! However, they struggle to lift the slider. A large bear from a knit cap nearby also pops out and starts to help, but still they struggle. The girl’s grandmother enters the room and the bears panic! When the grandmother reaches for the girl’s zipper, the bears witness the amazing truth…!

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